5 Reasons to Include Your Social Media On Business Cards

5 Reasons to Include Your Social Media On Business Cards

There are currently 3.2 billion social media users. That’s more than one-third of the world’s population. Social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are only growing in users.

So if you’re a business owner, you can’t afford not to be on social media. It’s a must-have for modern business.

But, what about your company business cards?

You should actually be combining the two. Here’s why you should put your social media on business cards.

Expand Your Client Base

Since more than one-third of the world’s population uses social media, it means there’s a good chance your potential clients are there too.

But, not everyone uses the same social media apps. Business-minded people are on LinkedIn, creative people are on Instagram, and pretty much everyone is on Facebook.

Having a presence across social media platforms will cast a wider net and help you gain more clients.

Offer More Ways to Connect

A few decades ago, there were only two ways to connect with a business if you couldn’t get there in person. You could call them on the phone or contact them through the mail.

But now, people are constantly connected. They’re on social media apps, searching online, and sending emails. The more ways you can be contacted, the easier it will be for your customers to reach out.

Share Your Company’s Brand Story

Today, many consumers will visit a company’s social media to get a feel for the business. They want to know what a business is all about before giving it a try.

Customers might read your company bio, look for upcoming sales, or read the content you’ve been sharing. Social media gives you the opportunity to build your brand.

Including your social on a business card will give your customers quick access to your brand story.

Establish Trust in Your Brand

Trust is built when you have repeated positive interactions and your business won’t be successful without it. To get a loyal customer, you need to be a trustworthy business. Ideally, your customer will feel an emotional connection to your brand.

Social media is vital in creating trust. In fact, 39% of consumers said they couldn’t form an emotional connection with a brand without some form of social media interaction.

Once a potential customer gets your business card and has a positive interaction on social media, they’ll start to trust your brand.

Show That You’re a Modern Business

Nowadays, customers expect a business to have an online presence. Being active on social media shows potential customers that you’re willing to adapt.

It shows that you’re invested in your business and that you can keep up with current trends.

But, even though it’s expected for a business to have a website, they can be expensive to create. If you don’t yet have the budget for a website, creating business accounts on social media is a budget-friendly start.

Put Your Social Media on Business Cards with RepCard

Including your social media on business cards should feel as natural as listing a phone number. The more ways customers can connect with your business, the better.

With RepCard, you can easily share your business card and social media handles with potential customers.

Schedule a demo today and we’ll show you how the RepCard app can grow your business.

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