What Makes A Good Business Card?

What Makes A Good Business Card?

Once you enter the professional world, it seems as though you never stop selling yourself. That’s part of what being a professional is, being ready to rise to the challenge of the job while on the job.

Showing off professional qualities is only one part of what makes a good business card. You also need innovation, creativity, and the ability to leave an impression. It’s no wonder whole fields of marketing exist to position professionals against each other

In the modern-day, a good business card means a portable and accessible card. One that’s ready to advertise you and your business fast. That’s where digital business cards easily outstrip the competition.

Read on to learn how to create an excellent business card that invites customers and empowers them to connect with your services.

What Makes a Good Business Card Checklist

When you set out to create fast and effective business cards, ask yourself what you want to see if a card was given (or sent) to you. What information does it need to contain, how should it be organized, and what design elements would make draw you in.

Don’t underestimate the power of a digital card, research shows that 41% of businesses rely on social media outreach for revenue.

The Essentials

Obviously, when setting out to do advertising via business cards, you need the pertinent information front and center. We say that metaphorically, as you should arrange the elements to match your needs.

Include your name, the service or industry you represent/offer, and contact information.

Stand Out

Of course, all business cards share that information so you want to stand out from the crowd with something else.

We have some more detailed ideas on how to stand out here.

With a digital card, you can expand your horizons and deliver more than a conventional card. Think big but remember to keep it direct and informative. A 20-minute experimental film doesn’t work in film class, no reason it would work on your business card.

Information Storage

To market yourself and your abilities, you need to know how to cut to the quick and deliver the essentials without a lot of fluff and workaround. People don’t have to work for the information when it comes at the click of an interactive card element.

Marketing stats show that 86% of customers look up locations via Google Maps, so a quick link on your Repcard saves them a step. Other details into your business/services can also be linked through your card.

Update Instantly

Tired of the old design or want to try something new? You can change the content of a digital card easily.

Change your location or contact information on the fly. Instead of printing new material and sending it to everyone on your contact list, it’s already changed the next time a customer looks at your card.

Don’t fret growing your business and moving up, everyone you’ve been in contact with can still find you.

Contact Feedback

Speaking of contacts, with contact feedback you know which customers have accessed your card. You can also track if they’ve sent you a message and how often you’ve dealt with them.

All this for the same price of setting up and printing a stack of business cards.

Get Repped

Don’t wait, act now and get the mojo going. What makes a good business card? You do when you take action and build the thing!

Contact us for a demonstration of the app and learn more about the doors a digital business card open for you.

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