Make Attending Your Next Event Valuable With RepCard 

Make Attending Your Next Event Valuable With RepCard 

Whether it’s your first sales and marketing conference event or you are the keynote speaker, the excitement and electricity at the venue is contagious. Eclectic booths lining walls and featured products lighting up different areas throughout, add to this charged feeling. Fortunately, you get to be apart of this momentous conference. As you embark on this upleveling few days, one of your greatest advantages will be utilizing your RepCard app. Here’s why. 

There are several different available experiences throughout the conference. There may be speakers, workshops, mastermind, and even an afterparty. Each of these vary the type of connection and networking you have available to you. Let’s look at some of the benefits in these different social arenas.

Speakers: As you listen to the speakers, you will gain knowledge and tips to help you facilitate and meet the needs for your current clients and potential leads. With RepCard you have the ability to organize your leads and clients and use the follow up features to connect organically with each one based on the knowledge you obtained.

Workshops: These smaller, peer-focused interactions generate the feeling of cohesion and connection that naturally leads to future networking sessions. Because many of the features in RepCard are customizable, you would be able to share specific messages along with your digital business card to each of your prospective associates.

Mastermind: An invaluable opportunity for mentoring and scaling up yourself and your business. This is where your skills and mindset can skyrocket. One of the best ways to set yourself apart is to be memorable. A unique feature to make you a standout, is the video messages you can send along with your digital business card. The video message will have a distinctive impact on the recipient. 

Afterparty: Because it is a socially focused gathering, the relaxing environment creates a dynamic for broad conversations. An interesting way to introduce yourself is by using the digital ID badge on the RepCard app. Using the ID badge in conjunction with your digital business card is practically a guarantee for future working relationships.

As you plan and prepare to attend your next life-altering conference, make sure you have your RepCard app handy to make it as valuable an experience as possible.

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