What Is a Digital Business Card?

What Is a Digital Business Card?

A digital business card is a digital version, and then some, of a printed business card. Your digital business card offers an instant opportunity to connect with clients, and colleagues through an online platform. Let me explain.

Traditionally, business cards are printed and distributed hand-to-hand. Usually they have your name, contact info, company name and/or logo printed onto a small card. Sharing these cards has been the go-to for networking…until the digital era.

With the advances in technology, many traditional processes, including business cards, have been digitized. Hence the birth of the digital business card. Que the birthday song and throw confetti. This is definitely something to be celebrated.

Let’s explore how a digital business card is different than a paper business card.

Digital business cards honor the traditional approach by including contact and company info. However, everything else has been improved. 

Forgot to bring a business card with you? No problem. Send your digital business card with a touch from your phone. 

Wish you could give them information to remember your conversation? No problem. Send them your digital business card with a personalized video. 

Want your aunt in Timbuktu to share your business card with her neighbors? No problem. Post your digital business card link online and she can share it.  

You can create and customize a digital business card for yourself on android, an iphone, and even a computer. Because these cards are electronic in nature, there are no space constraints, allowing you to enrich your digital business card in a way that works for you. 

Additionally, a digital business card is oftentimes more affordable and practical. You are able to update your information at any point without the cumbersome process of reordering new cards. Goodbye Rolodex! 

A digital business card fits the modern lifestyle; Particularly, it fits the mobile, smartphone-based lifestyle. For more information on how to get started on your own digital business card, click here.

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