5 Reasons to Use Digital Effective Business Cards at an Event

5 Reasons to Use Digital Effective Business Cards at an Event

Why do we continue to print our company information on tiny cards when over 77% of Americans own a smartphone with access to your online footprint?

The truth is that we like to look professional and personal by handing over this information willingly. But, in the digital age, there has to be something far better than the old-fashioned business card.

Luckily, effective business cards now combine the personal touch with the 21st century.

Here are 5 reasons why you should ditch the print and start using a digital business card.

1. Include a Personal Video

What is a business card do when all it tells your clients is your name, contact, and business? There isn’t much to amuse your clients besides some fancy design on your card.

A digital card can include more information in a personalized video to tell your clients more about you and your company. You can even upload a YouTube or Facebook video right to your profile.

2. Show Clients Reviews of Your Business

Smart business cards should include features like reviews of your business. There’s no room on paper for this kind of information. And you don’t want potential clients to have to go searching for reviews online.

Digital business cards include reviews right on your profile for clients to access immediately.

3. See Who is Looking at Your Card

Once you hand over your paper business card you have no way of knowing what happens to it. It could end up in the trash can or lost on someone’s desk.

Nice business cards allow you to track who is looking at your profile. There’s no need to worry about it getting forgotten or ignored. Plus, clients can forward your information right on the app, so you can reach multiple people at once.

4. Instantly Contact You

Sample business cards in paper form might include contact information, but digital formats make it much easier to save, access, and hit that contact button.

People are used to clicking one button on their phones to make a call or access email. They don’t want to have to enter your contact information on their phone. Or accidentally type your email address wrong.

5. Verify Your Business

The business card definition has changed since anyone can print up a card. Paper cards used to hold legitimacy over your business but it can’t provide real verification without some hassle.

Give your clients peace of mind by allowing them to look up your business using a smart ID badge number or by scanning a QR code. This will send them to a verification page to show that your business is registered.

Getting Effective Business Cards for Your Staff

Transitioning your entire team over to effective business cards is easy and can show that your company is taking the initiative to be more accessible to clients.

You can schedule a demo for your whole staff to learn more about the features of the app and why you should make the switch.

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