Video Business Card Tips

Video Business Card Tips

Video Business Card Tips For Today. Use Them!

Videos are quickly becoming the standard for many businesses and their departments – especially marketing and sales. YouTube is the #2 search engine. Twitter has a sharing rate of over 2,000 tweets with video content per minute. Mark Zuckerberg recently said “If you look in the future, a lot of the content that people share will be video. “ 

With traditional business cards heading out, and digital business cards sweeping in, navigating what to share on your digital business card can be confusing. There is the essential name and phone number contact information; possibly a current photo. However, the most impact will come when including a video (see Zuckerberg quote above). 

According to Forbes, content only succeeds if it delivers what consumers want, when and how they want it. So here are some tips to help you optimize your digital business card video. 

First, set it up. Lighting, sound and location all play into the viewer’s experience. Respect your audience with some awareness. 

Lighting – natural lighting is best. Plus, it’s free. If you use studio lighting, keep it soft. 

Sound – recording with headphones or in a soft room will allow your voice to be heard clearly

Location – tailor the background to the situation, but keep it genuine. No stage sets or directors. Authenticity is very appealing.

Second, KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid. Mom’s expert advice still applies here. Digital marketing expert James McQuivey estimates that a single minute of video content is the equivalent of 1.8 million words. A minute can seem like an eternity or the blink of an eye. Choose your words wisely. 

Third, make it relevant. Including a video for the sake of having a video is a waste of everyone’s time. Do your homework and know your audience. 

Fourth, don’t limit yourself. Having several videos premade to choose from allows you to cater to each client and your relationship with them. Don’t forget about those company videos too. 

Fifth, BE INTERESTING! This one gets an explanation point and caps because of its importance…and grabs your attention. Videos connect you emotionally with people in a way that phone calls and emails don’t. Kickstart your relationship by familiarizing clients with your face and voice. 


You are unique and your approach should be to. Pull out your camera and start shooting…for the stars. Just kidding. Go make that video.

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