How to Sell in a Digital World

How to Sell in a Digital World

In our current world dynamic it is essential that every salesperson be plugged in. It can feel confusing and/or frustrating to try traditional sales  techniques in this modern digitized society, especially since clients may desire a human connection. When customers are researching a new product or a service, for example, two-thirds of those who lean more towards digital still want human interaction. Here are several ways you can balance both of those important aspects.


Utilize Video Conferencing


Video killed the radio star…but not the sales deal. It is one of the greatest ways you can interact with your clients and still give them the experience of meeting in person. Video conferences facilitate fast turnarounds and offer flexibility for both you and the client.

CRMs and Apps

There are many quality apps and customer relationship management (CRM) programs that have digitized most sales processes. It’s all about utilizing all the digital sales tools at your disposal to drive more sales opportunities. Get yourself educated in this area and that FOMO will be a thing of the past.


Digital Business Cards


Paper cards are on their way out and digital business cards are all in. Why? Cause momma didn’t raise no fool. Digital business cards provide instant contact information without having to keep track of every card. Plus, if you get the right app you can customize what the clients see and when they see it.


Texting and Email


Is this a new idea? No. Is it still effective? Yes. People are still subscribing to newsletters, digital notifications, and texting back instead of returning your call. Because many people are moving to non face-to-face communicating, customized text messaging and email campaigns are still vitally important and effective adding a personal touch.


Social Media


What’s really important here is engagement. I’m not talking about putting a ring on it. I’m talking about engaging with potential customers through your social media accounts. Posting testimonials, offering tips for your industry, posting creative and informative content. By doing this you are both optimizing the customer relationship and complimenting it digitally.

As you involve yourself more in the digital sales dynamic, you are making yourself a true competitor in the field. Why is this essential? Because those who have access to information can make better and faster decisions. By  adding the human touch to your digital sales you will be out performing your peers in no time.

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