The SalesRabbit + RepCard Integration You Need to Succeed!

The SalesRabbit + RepCard Integration You Need to Succeed!

You are equipped with two excellent sales tools. Now what?  In addition to SalesRabbit , Repcards innovative features, including digital business cards and automated follow up, will light you up and take you to the next level. Getting you setup with this game-changing integration is the first step.  Let’s get this super user-friendly tutorial on the road! For a video tutorial, click here.
Step 1 
When you login to the SalesRabbit app online, select the settings icon on the lower left-hand side of the page.


Step 2
Once you are on the settings page, select the Connectors tab under the middle “Sales” section of the Settings page.
Step 3
This selection will direct you to a page with lead connectors. Select the blue “Create New” button on the right side of the page.
Step 4
You are then directed to a page that requires you to change some of the selections in each category. Each section should be changed as follows:


NAME: Send RepCard (Type this in)

URL: Copy and paste{lead.firstName}&lname={lead.lastName}&number={lead.phonePrimary}&email={}&address={lead.street1}&city={}&state={lead.state}&postalcode={lead.postalCode}&notes={lead.notes}


Then press SAVE!

Step 5

Now that you have assigned Repcard to be a connector, open your SalesRabbit app to confirm that the connection has been made.  

Step 6
On the screen indicating a lead or client, there are two options to choose from to indicate the connection to RepCard. The first is the S-shaped connection symbol. The second is the edit symbol. Both will direct you to the same Connectors page
If you choose to edit the lead, the S-shaped connector is located at the top-right corner of the edit screen. Select the S-shaped icon.
Step 7
This Connectors screen will appear. Select the “Send RepCard” button.
You will automatically be redirected to the lead in your RepCard app. The information can be customized and ready for the next step forward. 

Congratulations! You have successfully integrated SalesRabbit and RepCard. Now that you are literally using “tools for success,” give yourself a quick pat on the back and get to work! For any additional RepCard tips click here.


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