RepCard vs Haystack: Which Digital Business Card is Best?

RepCard vs Haystack: Which Digital Business Card is Best?

Whether you are entering the business world or are a seasoned professional, the desire for digital connection is stronger than ever. One of the best and current ways to be part of this movement is to switch from paper business cards to digital business cards.

But choosing the right digital business card that best represents your business is the hard part. In this article, we’ll explore six main themes of two industry leaders: RepCard and Haystack. 


  • RepCard: Allows you to add a profile picture, your company logo, and personal information, as well as which major social media platforms you desire to have linked to your digital business card. Additionally, a unique feature is the ability to send a personalized video with your business card. And to go a step further, there is the option to send a “Call to Action” button to customize for that specific interaction with your client or lead. 
  • Haystack: Offers similar ability to add a profile picture, company logo, personal information. Links to social media platforms are available through the paid business plan. Haystack also offers the option to customize your card with specific background colors and they also offer customization to imitate a paper business card. 


  • RepCard: Can be sent through text messaging, email, social media platforms, and the most flattering way: referral. The card is sent with a personalized or basic text depending on your preferences and the method in which it is shared. 
  • Haystack: Shared through customizable text messaging or email, social media and other sharing apps. One unique feature is the QR code that is linked to your personal digital business card. The QR code sends a link that can be opened and the information then saved. 


  • RepCard: Automates many features within the app including automated follow up texting campaign, notifications about customer card views and shares, analytics notifications like posted reviews from customers. RepCard has automated integrations with other apps to complete the CRM experience.
  • Haystack: Automates contact syncing within the app. With the help of their integration capabilities, Haystack can automate many CRM systems.



  • Create customizable digital business card
  • Share cards through social media, text messaging, email, etc.
  • Personalized videos on card
  • Phone contact syncing
  • Visible customer reviews on digital business card
  • Verifiable digital ID badge with QR Code (with option to order physical, verifiable ID badge)
  • Automated text messaging and/or email followup
  • Notifications about card views, video views, or clicks on the links sent
  • Individual account or group card accounts


  • Can create multiple, customizable digital business cards (Business Plan)
  • Scan paper business cards
  • Share cards with other Haystack users
  • Share cards through social media, text, email, etc.(Business Plan)
  • Phone contact syncing
  • Analytics about card views and sharing
  • Individual cards or group card accounts


  • RepCard: Integrate with thousands of apps through Zapier, like SalesRabbit and Salesforce. Another integration is through Facebook Pixel. 
  • Haystack: Integrate with Zapier, CRM integration, and a customizable webhook.


  • RepCard: Basic digital business card is free for life. Option to upgrade to an account with premium features for $15/month
  • Haystack: Basic digital business card is “free forever.” Upgrade to Business plan for $7.95/month + $3 per additional user to include social media links to your digital business card and additional features. The highest level is an Enterprise plan for large groups. Pricing is negotiated.

Initially, digital business cards can seem like the specs and offerings are all the same. However, you can see that should you choose to invest in a more robust app, RepCard delivers a full experience for both the user and the client.

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