4 Ways to Lend Credibility to Your Door to Door Sales Approach

4 Ways to Lend Credibility to Your Door to Door Sales Approach

As the summer selling “season” approaches, door to door sales professionals are ramping up to provide customers with products they need. Whether you are selling solar, pest control, or girl scout cookies, here are 4 ways to lend credibility.

1. Personal Presentation

Although this may seem like common sense, how to present yourself to the world is important for success. First impressions can make or break someone’s desire to open the door and listen to you. Take a look at the classic “Peanuts” cartoon characters. If a client opens the door and sees a “Pigpen” with dirt all around and generally a mess, they may likely close the door. However, if a “Lucy” shows up dressed to impress and prepared, they are more likely to take you seriously. Good hygiene practices are also appreciated. In case you missed this class in school, here is an article on good hygiene. You’re welcome. 

2. Wear a Badge

Not the fake police kind from your last Halloween party, the smart kind that legitimizes who you are. Smart ID badges take you to the next level by helping people whose doors you knock feel more confident in who you are. Smart badges, like one you can get from RepCard, allow clients to verify who you are on the spot. RepCard customizes the smart ID badge and includes an easy to share QR code. Check them out here.

3. Name Drop

Build credibility as you move from one door to the next. Using a Hansel and Gretel type of method you can load up leads using the SalesRabbit app. As you approach the door, take a quick minute to open SalesRabbit and check the lead information in the neighborhood. Using a neighbors name invites familiarity and forms the beginning of a beneficial relationship for both you and the client. Soon, those lead “crumbs” will turn into dollars good enough to eat.

4. Follow Up

After you have a conversation with the client, you want to make sure to leave them with confidence in you. The best way to do this is to follow up using your RepCard app. Pull up your digital business card and add a customized message of reassurance. This can be in the form of a charming, witty text message or even a video message of you rapping. As long as it’s unique, a reminder of your conversation and what the client needs, the options are up to you.

Including each of these ways into your door to door approach will help you create street cred unlike any other…and also an authentic and rewarding experience for everyone involved. You know, if you are into that. For more info about RepCard, click here.

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