What are the Benefits of a Digital Business Card?

What are the Benefits of a Digital Business Card?

With the Covid-19 pandemic (mask, anyone?) and modifications to our normal routines, business people are becoming more innovative and maximizing efficiency. A part of this process is making many traditional things digital. One area that has already succeeded in the virtual world is the trend away from traditional business cards to digital business cards.  Since you are a trendsetter, here are some benefits of a digital business card to help you in the transition:


Digital business cards have the capability of storing large amounts of information that can easily be accessed at any time. Because the information has already been input, you are able to share whatever contact information you desire for each diverse interaction you have. You can literally do this with the touch of a finger. Or a thumb. Whatever works for you.

Cost Effective

The most obvious feature here is that paper isn’t being used. That alone saves on the environmental costs. Plus, the costs to order more cards as you run out or replace cards when your information changes are eliminated as well. In terms of dollars, many digital business cards offer their services for free with the option to have premium features at a minimal cost. Here is an excellent place to start.


Just as traditional business cards are personal, digital business cards can be as unique as you. Not only is the contact information and company logo customizable, you are able to integrate with social media platforms. You can link your social media accounts and even create a personalized video for a specific customer. This allows you to share your information in ways that will help you leverage your business success.


Being able to stay COVID safe and network is an advantage that using a digital business card can provide. You will still be able to share your information to those on your video calls, socially distanced meetings, and even in person interactions. Thank you internet!

Since a business card is an extension of your brand, using a digital business card demonstrates your desire to be a part of innovation and its improvements on the business world. If you need more convincing, click here for a free demo.

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